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Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I seem to have developed an obsession with statement rings. I love coloured stones that look like you've picked them up on holiday on some deserted beach or old vintage bling. Ultimately i would love to own a YSL arty ring in every colour possible.

source: walk the sand

As my budget will never stretch that far i've been looking to the high street for alternatives in particular Topshop which have introduced semi-precious stones. I did trawl through loads to find ones i liked, the main problem being the "gold" looked too shiny and cheap.

The two i bought are semi-precious and appealed to me because of the bright colours.

You can already see how the bright stones clash against other the pink throw and my nail polish. A welcome addition to colour blocking me thinks! The photos don't really do it justice but i'll style up an outfit and hopefully they'll look better.


  1. hey, just found your blog, your profile is very interesting- you sound like a cool person anyways on with my comment lol; me so crazy for rings too did a post on them but asos have a great ysl looking ring!



  2. @Melissa Thanks for your comments, i didn't know what to write initially in my profile but went with honesty! Hopefully my dreams will become reality one day...


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