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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stains

I did miss the bandwagon on those Maxfactor lip stain pens that have been doing the rounds in blogsphere but Revlon have gone one better introducing a lip stain and balm combo - now i bet Maxfactor wished they thought of that eh?

Revlon's Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm are designed to give you that just bitten lip look hence the name (not to mention cashing in on the vampire thing) - it's not rocket! The applicator is a marker pen which you use to line the lips first and then you just colour in the rest using the side of the nib.

As i said before the clever people at Revlon HQ have realised that lip stains can be quite drying on the lips so they have also included a lip balm which you can either use underneath to keep the lips moisturised or over the top to create a glossy finish.

The only problem with the balm is that it's not retractable so it can break easily, as you can see above that's happened to mine but you can push it together to stay put for the time being.

I bought Passion, which is a bright/neon pink and in fact is the brightest shade in the tube, but don't be too alarmed as the pigmentation doesn't quite match up to the packaging.


Forgive the blurry pic
As you can see the colour is quite sheer and you do need to build up the layers to get a more intense shade. Now I'm not sure if i got a duff pen but mine doesn't seem to apply as evenly as beauty gurus on YouTube and looks like it's already drying up. Also Revlon do claim it's streak-proof but i wouldn't agree with that considering the 2nd pic. I really like the matte finish which is very en vogue at the moment and i can certify this definitely has staying power, this beauty won't budge without a heavily moistened cotton pad of make-up remover!

Now the big question is would i buy again? Honestly I'm a bit hesitant just because of the price £7.99 approx and the fact my pen doesn't work too well, however i am keen to try one of the darker shades for that Twilight look, i think there even is one called twilight as well.

Has anyone had better results?


  1. Have you tried the Barry M green lipstick which makes your lips a few shades darker than your natural color? (I sound like I'm a promoter! Haha, I'm not) Its really good! Also - check out my blog I've just started out doing fashion-y kind of stuff :) http://www.solitarycupcake.blogspot.com X

  2. @sew-into-you No?! I'm off to google this now via your blog of course!


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