“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." - Coco Chanel

Friday, 30 July 2010

Warehouse Utility shirt update


I wore the pink Warehouse shirt, styled in a previous post for a meal the other day with some grey jeggings, the grey Next shoes I got in the sale, brown waist belt and a Chanel-esque taupe bag. As the shirt is 100% silk, it pulls easily and i still had room in my size10 but the seams on the back are already ripping so you need to be extra careful, but nothing a quick sewing job can't sort out.

I (also) heart French Connection

I am FCUK girl through and through, ever since the tongue-in-cheek ad campaigns and a peek into my already rammed wardrobe - wait who am I kidding it's just an Argos rail that's already bending under the weight - collection of dresses is predominately French Connection. I have to say my nearest store (Leicester) has closed a while ago so it's either a trip to Notts or online shopping. A boutique in town does stock them but usually the more casual items and hardly ever dresses and dresses are what I am all over! Anyway as it was my birthday, one of my fav pressies was free P+P and news of their sale reductions. I have to say though I should had waited one day as I already brought a striped dress (v.Chanel) of ASOS because it was £7 cheaper and if you can wait up to 6 days for delivery you don't pay any extra charges - bonus.

I had been after this for ages but couldn't really afford the full price tag so at £38 in the sale on ASOS it was a no-brainer. When it arrives I'm sure it will be beautiful enough for me to wear it work with tights and heels or maybe shoeboots (shoots - are we still using that term? Must check Grazia) in winter or for a fancy meal if anyone cares to take me out.

Anyway back to the French Connection website, a lot of their items are less than half-price including these gorgeous shoes, my sister has ordered for me as a pressie. Stupid me though told the sis that I had free postage and now she wants them as well. I have three options: 1) lie and say my code doesn't work, 2) Wait until the size 8's get sold out, hint hint or 3) Buy them for her (unhappy face - not a fan of emoticons btw)

Currently I am awaiting delivery of the black pair and I was going to wait and see how nice there are to decide if I'll be getting the nude, but everyone has beat me to it and they are now sold out in my size - boo! I do have a sneaky plan though, ASOS has them in the sale too but at much higher price so I'm going to wait until they come down and buy, buy, buy! I am a bit reluctant to reveal the price as they are a complete bargain, but as I am a true professional and these are my confessions not to mention that probably no-one is reading this yet, they were originally £130 down to.....wait for it.....£30 (why someone hasn't snapped me up yet as press officer is beyond me).

Other favourites of mine are the Paradise dress, avail in Peacock, Black, Eclipse, Antique Lace and Pink Lady £45 down from £140.

I think I'll be getting the Eclipse which is a midnight-blue and more wearable for day with flats or heels. Some of the dresses are only available now in the shorter 31" so remember to body brush and fake tan before daring to bare. For those who are a bit self-conscious of the dreaded bingo-wings grab the sheer long sleeve version which has been reworked for this season, perfect for teaming with an up-do for a evening wedding.  Please, please, please don't team with the matching bag - that is so Gok Wan.

It's my birthday and i'll cry if i want to!

Hooray! I have reached the grand ol' age of 24 - cue whoop whoops! I really wanted the Chanel 2.55 below, but looks like I may have to wait until I'm 30 or even 40 or 50 for one of those bad boys! 

1. Coco Chanel 2.55 - always top of the list! If I ever win the lottery or get my dream job this will my first purchase - in the words of a Geordie, cannae wait man!

I'm thinking I'm needing a new watch and I'm deliberating between the Michael Kors Gold Watch or a Black ToyWatch - decisions, decisions.  I think the Kors is winning slightly but reserving judgement until I see the ToyWatch in the flesh. 

Or cunning thought I buy the Kors (around £150) and i can buy a cheaper plastic black watch that i can wear for day - thinking Next, River Island or even god forbid I've heard Argos sell them - eek, let's hope it's not Elizabeth Duke!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Another day another nail polish, another outfit

I promised I'd publish a pic of the nail colours i recently purchased, just used the minty green so far and have had loads of compliments, goes perfectly with my soft pink toenails - loving the pastels! Apologies for the lack of pedi.

Hands - Jade No.52, Beauty UK (2 for £2.99)
Feet - Marylebone High Street Nails Inc, £10.50 (Part of Ice Cream or Pastels Collection - can't remember!)
Also picked up this great military inspired shirt/dress from Warehouse sale - check it out, still got some great items and plenty of choice. This shirt came in 4 different colourways - Khaki, pink, lilac and cream. As you can see I'll be wearing mine for a night out with black open-toe boots (still key for next season) and a hint of black bra - trés sexy!

Also just before i go, for all of you who have been coveting my Grecian maxi from Warehouse, it is now available online in grey, very elegant, buy it now before i sells out again!!

Friday night at 8 got myself a date....with Gallo Rosé!

Well it wasn't really a date, giving a girl from work a good send off courtesy of Gallo, Pimms and Disaronno!Here's a rundown of my Friday night look.
Dress - Topshop
Boots - Miss Selfridge
Earrings - Dorothy Perkins
Bangle - New Look
Clutch - Warehouse
Belt - "Borrowed" from sis - hehe!

My make up inspiration was Leona Lewis, I'm always loving a bright lip and Fearne Cotton's amazing feline flicks!

My interpretation - lighting not so good!

Next Sale + Hangover = Bad idea!

Considering the Next sale opened at 5.00am in my local store i was very doubtful i would find anything decent and was even debating whether it was worth taking a look. Having woken up on Saturday morning with a stinking hangover by my mother hoovering i was not looking forward to the Saturday Sale Savages (SSS's) out in force complete with pushchairs ready to ram my ankles. With the amount of wine that was sunk the night before, my mum decided to drive, I'm still not sure that was the best idea as her erratic driving (she once drove the wrong way round a roundabout - don't ask!) coupled with my, let's say 'delicate tummy' was nearly a recipe for me puking all over her Peugeot's interiors. We did make it one piece and left after what seemed like 5 hours with 4 bags worth, despite a minor dispute with the mother over a pink throw - result!

The loose-fit floral shorts are the shape for right now, and make a great transseasonal piece, just add a vest, reduced from £20 to £10. For Summer days i will teaming them with bare legs and multi-strap wedges and adding opaques and a cardie in Autumn. For Summer nights team with light grey cage heels also Next reduced from £35 to £12, tan legs and a bright vest to make the colours in the shorts pop.

The beaded ruffle top is from Next's Signature range, reduced from £45 to £20. This piece I'm not too sure about, you need to have the right bra, ideally strapless so it doesn't draw away from the beaded neckline. Having a larger bust myself, going strapless is always a technically nightmare as they never seen to stay up. This would really suit a smaller bust as it adds volume and creates curves, i reckon i will be selling this to my mum! It would look great teamed with the black peg-legs, just make sure you roll up the hem and heels, taking you from the office to after-work drinks on a Friday. If anyone wants to buy I'm open to offers!

This is the aforementioned throw which nearly resulted in me walking home! I found this hiding behind some ugly red bedspreads, i think someone may have been saving this to buy later, i know that's what i do! I'm not really a pink girl, but this cerise really brightens up my (sister's old teenage) bedroom and the matching silk cushion adds a touch of luxury. The letters I've seen in Next for a while and i thought they were actually joined which would look better, but i couldn't resist as it's actually a play on words of my name and who wouldn't want a bit of loving in the bedroom.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

What competition?

Well it seems i may have a challenge to my "Queen Fashion Bee" throne at work and i am not liking it one bit! To those who know me i always make an effort no matter where i'm going. I always wear make-up, style my hair daily and have polished nails and it is known that i can change outfits up to 10 times just to go to work. Some may say i am insecure (maybe a little - but everyone looks better with a bit of slap, even Kylie have you seen those pics?) but i would say i'm G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. When a new item of clothing is getting its debut at work, i kinda do expect a compliment and i'm never usually disappointed. But with the arrival of a newbie in the department who seems to be stealing my compliments, i need to step up my fashion game. At least i have youth on my side, which brings with it the absence of wrinkles - no thanks to Decleor and Elemis! The only problem is i'm still saving, i've even set up my first ISA and shopping sprees are meant to be off limits at least until the Outfit bill arrives. But i'm not one to be out-shined and courtsey of Office's sale my size 7's will be walking all over the "competition"!

These £20 heeled glads are perfect for dressing up my black Warehouse maxi for night or with jeans for day. But i will be wearing mine with my black peg legs, jersey vest and waterfall jacket to add a touch of glamour to the office! Ssshh! - need to keep these hidden from my sis though because she bought these in black last year for £85 and we always getting pissed if one of us buys something the other one aready has - but how could i resist? Fearne Cotton has these in flats which are also in the sale, what great fashion company i keep!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

I need to go into fashion rehab!

I AM ADDICTED TO FASHION. Just like Lindsey Lohan should have done, i hold my hands up - i am an addict. Although my drug is not an abuse of narcotics, but something far worse, where even being in rehab cannot escape it. I am trying to curb my spending so i can save, but the lure of the fashion mags (Look, Grazia and Glamour purchased this week) and the students walking about town in their cut-off denims and panama hats is proving too difficult. Even staying indoors in no good, with Gok's Fashion Fix, the celebs at T4 on the Beach and This Morning's Holly Willoughby and Jason Gardiner showcasing their best looks, i need to go cold-turkey. The only saving grace is The One Show is off-air due to the World Cup, so i no longer have to scour the Internet to find what Christine Bleakley has been wearing (FYI usually French Connection!).

I admit i am weak, please do not judge me for it, but i have succumbed to the pressure. Opening my emails was the final straw, newsletters from Warehouse, French Connection, Office, ASOS, Oasis and River Island flooded my inbox tempting me with their sales. I know i could have unsubscribed but i thought i was strong enough to resist filling that virtual shopping basket - you know it's amazing how much it can hold, not like Tesco's where i feel i done an hour's weights class after carrying a few vino's around the store.

Anyway enough with the analogies, i would now like to introduce to you my latest offerings.

These multi-strap buckle wedges are very Chloe Sevigny - check out her pair she has designed for Opening Ceremony below. Currently sold out the designer pair cost £412, mine above are from Oasis and were only £40 in the sale. Originally i wanted them in Tan for the summer but were aready sold out on Oasis, i'm waiting for ASOS to put them in the sale, but settled for the Charcoal as they will take me through to Autumn/Winter. I will be wearing mine with peg leg trousers and vest for work or with loose shorts or skirt for play.

I've been after a jade colour for my nails ever since the Chanel Jade No.407 was seen at their 2009 Fall show. This jade colour led to the rise in pastel colours which i am defintely rocking for summer. With the Chanel polish sold-out everywhere i've had to make do with a high street copy. Personally i rate Nails Inc's Haymarket ,  Revlon's Minted (the one Jessica Beil advertises) and Barry M's Mint Green but as i'm budgeting i picked this one from Beauty UK at Superdrug as it was two for £2.99 and the purple/lilac colour complements well if i'm doing toes and hands. Usually i'm an Nails Inc girl so i doubt the quality will compare, i'll post a pic once i've tried them out but for now i'm off to scour the Nails Inc website as i've just noticed their sale....  Oops almost forgot the lipstick - Revlon's Colorburst in Fuschia, a hot pink perfect for teaming with hint of mascara and black eyeliner. It is quite bright but doesn't show up too well on camera as you can see above, but is reminiscent of Katy Perry's cartoon pin-up girl look.

Can you see the resemblance...black hair, fringe, pink blusher bright lips - seperated at birth - i wish!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

I heart Warehouse!

As this is my first post, i would like to introduce my love affair with Warehouse. I could quite literally only wear Warehouse forever and die a very happy girl (which is quite a mean feat as i would do anything to own a piece of Herve Leger!). Many a Saturday or in fact a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... has been spent racking the rails or scouring the "New In" page online, hunting down my next purchase. I should really own shares in this company as so much of my cash is spent there (- note to self, check FTSE if this possible?). Anyway, as you will come to learn i am a dress whore and just like buses you wait around for one and then three come along, i can go one better and say four B-E-A-Utiful dresses now take pride of place in my wardrobe. Who says money can't buy you happiness?!! 

Dress No 1. Black Maxi £25 - I have seen these maxis everywhere recently, Topshop and New Look have great versions but i always thought they were a bit shapeless until i took the plunge to try one on and now i am in love!. They may be a little unforgiving on the tummy area but the length is fantastic for wearing flip flops and wedges alike. I will be accessorising mine with a brown waist belt (vintage if possible), gold bangles and a tribal necklace. Currently also available in mink, brown and pink, just remember to have the correct underwear as it is very see-through!

Dress No 2. Stripe Shift £60 - This actually featured in Grazia as one to watch for the new season a couple months ago but the image didn't really do it justice and it wasn't until i discovered it in my local Outfit that it caught my eye. Normally vertical stripes are a no-no unless you're a size 8, especially on the bottom half as i don't know anyone who wants to enhance their derriere but the diagonal stripes across the bust and waist nip you in creating a hourglass figure.The shape of this dress is not my usual style, but the nautical look, sweetheart neckline and exposed zip make this shift a winner for spring or summer - very transeasonal. I have worn mine to the office with flats to keep the look demure, but for lunch with the girls or a shopping trip team with nude heels to lengthen legs and tan accessories.

Dress No 3. Black Ruffle Shift £50 - As you can see this is the dress i am wearing in my profile pic, a classic LBD - a wardrobe essential. This was bought for a friend's birthday night out and when all else fails i always return to black and have many LBD's in different shapes for any occasion. The ruffle detail is great for disguising bingo wings, whilst the sheer panel adds a sexy twist. Staying true to the classic fashion rule - high hemline, high neckline means you can get away with the highest of heels, mine were 4-inch leopard print from Office - think D&G rather than Bet Lynch. Also available in Light Pink, Teal and Lilac. I think the Teal would compliment Blondes best and would look great for a summer wedding, but my favourite was the Light Pink if only i could have found one which didn't have make-up stains on!

Dress No 4. Nude Grecian Maxi £65 - I spied this on the rail amongst the floral maxis and it was a immediate must-have. Although i was not alone and a 30-something also picked it up, i wouldn't have minded if it was Kate Moss or Eva Mendes, but when she looked more at home in TK Maxx it was hard to disguise my look of annoyance to say the least. The colour i didn't think would work for my skin tone but looked amazing and the beaded detail makes the dress look so much more expensive than it is. For the amount of work and material involved the price is a complete bargain, i was expecting it to be closer to £100. The length is a little long for me so i will be taking it to a tailors to take it up when i eventually wear it, which is the problem. This dress as gorgeous as it is, is not worthy of a cheap night in a market town, where my local club has sticky carpets (and i'm not just talking chewing gum) and plays "Oops Upside Your Head". Instead i would wear it to a beach wedding or an evening summer ball, however with no such events lined up in the next few months, mine will be resigned to the wardrobe door. But when that beach wedding invite does fall on the door mat, at least i won't have to stress over what to wear - (hint hint sis - i am available in August!). Just before i go i forgot to mention the dress was also featured in VOGUE! Oh yes i am on-trend and i didn't find this out until after i'd bought it - result!
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