“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." - Coco Chanel

Thursday, 8 July 2010

I need to go into fashion rehab!

I AM ADDICTED TO FASHION. Just like Lindsey Lohan should have done, i hold my hands up - i am an addict. Although my drug is not an abuse of narcotics, but something far worse, where even being in rehab cannot escape it. I am trying to curb my spending so i can save, but the lure of the fashion mags (Look, Grazia and Glamour purchased this week) and the students walking about town in their cut-off denims and panama hats is proving too difficult. Even staying indoors in no good, with Gok's Fashion Fix, the celebs at T4 on the Beach and This Morning's Holly Willoughby and Jason Gardiner showcasing their best looks, i need to go cold-turkey. The only saving grace is The One Show is off-air due to the World Cup, so i no longer have to scour the Internet to find what Christine Bleakley has been wearing (FYI usually French Connection!).

I admit i am weak, please do not judge me for it, but i have succumbed to the pressure. Opening my emails was the final straw, newsletters from Warehouse, French Connection, Office, ASOS, Oasis and River Island flooded my inbox tempting me with their sales. I know i could have unsubscribed but i thought i was strong enough to resist filling that virtual shopping basket - you know it's amazing how much it can hold, not like Tesco's where i feel i done an hour's weights class after carrying a few vino's around the store.

Anyway enough with the analogies, i would now like to introduce to you my latest offerings.

These multi-strap buckle wedges are very Chloe Sevigny - check out her pair she has designed for Opening Ceremony below. Currently sold out the designer pair cost £412, mine above are from Oasis and were only £40 in the sale. Originally i wanted them in Tan for the summer but were aready sold out on Oasis, i'm waiting for ASOS to put them in the sale, but settled for the Charcoal as they will take me through to Autumn/Winter. I will be wearing mine with peg leg trousers and vest for work or with loose shorts or skirt for play.

I've been after a jade colour for my nails ever since the Chanel Jade No.407 was seen at their 2009 Fall show. This jade colour led to the rise in pastel colours which i am defintely rocking for summer. With the Chanel polish sold-out everywhere i've had to make do with a high street copy. Personally i rate Nails Inc's Haymarket ,  Revlon's Minted (the one Jessica Beil advertises) and Barry M's Mint Green but as i'm budgeting i picked this one from Beauty UK at Superdrug as it was two for £2.99 and the purple/lilac colour complements well if i'm doing toes and hands. Usually i'm an Nails Inc girl so i doubt the quality will compare, i'll post a pic once i've tried them out but for now i'm off to scour the Nails Inc website as i've just noticed their sale....  Oops almost forgot the lipstick - Revlon's Colorburst in Fuschia, a hot pink perfect for teaming with hint of mascara and black eyeliner. It is quite bright but doesn't show up too well on camera as you can see above, but is reminiscent of Katy Perry's cartoon pin-up girl look.

Can you see the resemblance...black hair, fringe, pink blusher bright lips - seperated at birth - i wish!

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