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Friday, 18 March 2011

I'm a failure!

Remember what i was giving up for Lent? Well i caved in and couldn't resist some sale bargains at the weekend and today I've just nipped into town and splurged a little - eek! I admit it - I'm a failure! I did hold out for 3 days but at the weekend i found the most gorgeous black blazer and it was from a limited collection so i couldn't rely on waiting 37 more days and it being sold out - come on guys understandable i reckon? That was planning on being my only little off-rail buy but i spotted some great sale purchases as well and you know they don't hang around! More on those purchases another time...

Now today's agenda was to return the Topshop coat ordered online before Lent and then use my free £5 No7 voucher in Boots.  Now the coat was a Mohair Mixed Boyfriend Coat in Oatmeal that was reduced from £95 to £30 - i know bargain! The camel version has been really popular with bloggers and was featured in Topshop's winter campaign. I didn't take any pictures before returning but this is what it looks like taken from their website.

To be honest i was a bit dubious about buying it because of the colour but the price alone was enough to sell it to me. Unfortunately because of the style it comes quite big so it didn't really fit, i did try the old belt but it still didn't look right, i think my figure is more suited to fitted jackets. I have ummed and aaahed over whether to keep it and resorted to google for some inspiration.

I love how these two girls have styled the coat to make it their own and every time i look at them i kinda regret returning it a little but if i can find it at that price for £30 in camel I'll definitely be keeping it. So if anyone is looking for a bargain keep an eye out online for its reappearance!

Now i was going to show you my purchases from today but it includes lipsticks and they're really a blog post in itself so I'll leave that to next time but i will show you what i wore today instead.

Top - Zara
Trousers - Dorothy Perkins
Cardie - Warehouse
Shoes - Office

Well strictly speaking this is actually what i wore for work and then i changed the shoes for open-toe brown River Island heels and the cardie for my Primark grey blazer to make it less formal. When i wore this to work people actually thought it was a jumpsuit and i really like how it does look like an all-in-one. I'm actually on the hunt for the perfect jumpsuit so if anyone has any recommendations? I don't know if I've mentioned before but we're not allowed to have bare arms on show so jackets and cardies are my best friend. It's OK if your in the office but if we're dealing with guests or walking through the spa you have to be covered up - not really sure why! I love these DP trousers as the high-waist is so flattering, the only problem was they've split up the backside! Not because of my big-bum mind you but the stitching on the seams is coming apart when it gets stretched. I was in two minds to complain as I've only worn and washed them a handful of times but I've lost the receipt so not sure where i would stand. I have tried to stitch them myself but my needlework is not the best and you can see it so i have to wear long cardies and jackets to keep it hidden.

Now onto the FOTD. I seem to get into a make-up rut and vary between black or brown eyeliner combined with a strong lip. I do change my look for work quite often but once I've found something i like that can be applied quickly, i try to recreate the look every day until i mess it up one day and then i move onto another look.

Base: Clarins Complexion Perfector, No7 Mineral Perfection Foundation - Almond 30, Garnier Anti-Dark Circles Roll-On - Dark (bought when they only did 2 shades), No7 Trio Concealer
Cheeks: Revlon Powder Blush - Blushed 030, The Body Shop Roseflower Blush - Pink 01
Brows: Clarins Pro Palette Eyebrow Kit
Eyes: Avon Kajalstick - Brown, L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes - Black
Lips: Vaseline Lip Therapy - Cocoa Butter, M&S Lipstick - Dark Pink, Revlon Lipgloss - Pink Pop 180
Nails: Revlon - Minted

My skin is going through a bad time at the moment and i keep breaking out hence the bright lippie to draw attention to the lips! I have tried the Revlon mint green nail polish again and applied a white underneath and it seems to look better but waiting for 5 layers of polish is a bitch but people seem to like the colour so maybe i am warming to it.

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