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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Curb my enthusiasm for shopping

Well officially today is the start of Lent and in order to curb my spending and start saving i'm going to give up shopping. When i announced this at work i was met with laughs as they all know my spending habits are definitely out of control! However no-one likes to be called a quitter so i'm determined to stick to this, obviously this doesn't include food or i may just starve! My only problem was i spotted a great coat at Topshop in the sale which i've already ordered today...oops! But i've already got a way around this,  i didn't have any pancakes yesterday because of a late shift at work and then a gym sesh (get me!) so i'll be having them later - FYI with orange juice, lemon juice and sugar -classic recipe - so therefore i'm going to start Lent tomorrow no excuses!

My usual mantra will be no more for 40 days and nights!
If anyone is planning spending some cash at ASOS then Groupon have a great deal where you pay £9 and receive a voucher for £20 to spend online at ASOS - they are literally giving away money, now who ever said nothing in life is free?
Here's the link: http://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/national-deal/ASOS/270308

Groupon also offer affiliate links so if anyone takes up the offfer tweet or blog about it and then you earn credit too - share the love and money people!

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