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Friday, 25 March 2011

Going Au Naturale

I've been having a bit of a problem with my hair, ever since i decided to grow out my blunt fringe it seems it's lost all it's style and just looks a right mess. I've been aiming to grow my fringe so it flicks out like this. I've not been having much look as the fringe seems to have lost it's bounce and just ends up hanging by the side of my face - you may have noticed!

This is what i am aiming for.

Jessica Alba

Jennifer Lopez

Alexa Chung

Heidi Klum

Ultimately this image of Tess Daly shows what sort of length and body i want to achieve.

The overall theme here is soft effortless waves that just tumble over the shoulders with a wispy centre-parted fringe. I can sometime achieve this by blow-drying, straightening and then curling but all those heated appliances are doing my hair no favours so for the summer i going to aim for an au naturale look. Some may say I'm blessed with naturally curly hair but i think it's a curse! Ok maybe curse is a strong word but my thick Afro-Caribbean hair is a nightmare to style straight - literally taking hours from wash to finish. So to prevent any further heat damage and split ends i'm wearing my hair as nature intended, this means my morning routine is shampoo, condition every other day, apply serum and go!

My barnet hanging loose:

And all tied up:

Not that bad i reckon!

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