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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

If Carlsberg did clothes....

Regular readers will already know about my love for the great high-street store Warehouse. If Carlsberg did clothes made especially for me.....then it would be Warehouse.  I just want to point out that I am no way affiliated with the brand and this is just me gushing uncontrollably about their brilliance in creating perfect clothes (and accessories) i L-O-V-E!! Too much?

Unfortunately for me but great news for my bank account, I can't seem to access their website from home - damn you Three mobile broadband!!! So I've been missing out on all the great sale bargains they have to offer and I know they're loads thanks to their iphone app. At least I have avoided seeing my full-priced purchased items reduced - that's enough to make a grown woman reduced to tears. FYI: I know my purple floaty sheer top with built in vest is on there - arrrgh!

Anyway a trip to the city at the weekend is never complete without a peek inside Warehouse. Luckily I was only sporting one item purchased from Warehouse so I didn't look too much like a SA. Don't you hate going into a shop when you're wearing their clothes or is that just me? Once i went to Topshop wearing their pleather shorts with the price tag still on, didn't even realise until I went to changing rooms in another shop. So there's me trying on jackets mid-store lucking like I had just robbed a pair of shorts. Good job a security guard or SA didn't question me otherwise I would've got into an argument about checking CCTV and store card statements! Lesson learnt: always remove price tags before leaving the house.

Back to Warehouse, they still had loads of stuff in the sale including some great dresses originally priced at £50 down to £10. The SA said they were shipped over from Germany, she thinks they were closing the stores. So Germany's loss is my gain - yay!

I picked up two of the Ruffle Sleeved dresses - one did have the fastening button loop broken but nothing a quick stitch couldn't rectify. I did think about asking for a discount because of this but thought it was a little cheeky as they were only £10.

The dress on the left is actually a lilac colour, think parma violets but looks quite blue here. The peachy/nude dress I tried on in the summer and looked great worn casually with jeggings. I bought the exact same dress in black in June for £50 - check out the profile pic! My mum also picked up the same dress in teal.

Cheaper than Primark!
My mum and I both had a wardrobe malfunction with the doily (as i call them) dresses (sorry can't find image), could get them on easy enough but getting off should have been an Olympic sport. We were both determined not to have to ask for help so instead broke into a sweat and eventually we were free - without having to ruin or breaking the zip i hasten to add. Once in M&S trying on their all-in-one control slip things I got that stuck over my head - imagine me in my knickers, boobs out, sweating, trying to remove an item that is designed to suck you in and stick like glue. Never had I been so close to asking for a SA's help but I would never have lived the shame down. Have M&S never heard of zips or hook and eye?

Other weekend purchases included a faux fur scarf from H+M. I fell in love with it after seeing this pic from Phoebe Does.

She's got a great sense of style and takes editorial style photos so check her blog out.

I wanted the scarf to update my Topshop Aviator Jacket.


H+M Faux Fur scarf £9.99
Hopefully it'll mean I'll get more wear out of the jacket and it won't just become a one season wonder.

Finally check out my great shoes I got in Next's Boxing Day Sale:

Yes they are on the windowsill, please ignore the framed photo it's my mum's - not my taste promise!
I admired these gladiator heels when they were full price but £45 was a bit much for Next so when I found them at £15 in the sale I was a little shocked they hadn't been snapped up by some other fashionista, especially as I went about 3pm and the sale opened at 6am. I can't wait to wear them in the summer.

And as promised a close-up shot of the Mango skirt from Sunday's post.

Do you like?

What are your great sale buys from January so far?

P.S. I'm after this Warehouse Leopard Print Shift dress that Alexandra Burke is wearing.

So if anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated. It's a/w10 stock and I'd need a size 10 or 12. I'm off to scour eBay for now though...

...Or maybe I could tweet Alexandra and see if she wants to sell - I reckon we could be similar size?

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  1. I have done exactly the same thing with my Topshop jacket and H&M fur collar! Except my jacket is brown/beige! Greats minds...!


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