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Friday, 6 August 2010

Watches galore

I am officially in love and his name is Michael.

I have a Michael Kors gold watch!!!

I eventually decided on the Michael Kors after dragging my mum around all the jewellers in town. Before, i was torn between the Kors or a ToyWatch, but i couldn't find the shop that sold the ToyWatch so Kors it was, and even that was hard to find only Debenhams or John Lewis had them in stock. There were quite a few i liked but i settled on a MK5166.

I'm so gutted though, as in my excited haste to buy and not to mention the bright shop lights dazzling me, i failed to notice that there are 2 crystals missing! Only found out when i got it home so now i need to take it back. The only problem being is that it was the last one in the shop and i didn't even get a discount but then i never asked! I've spoken to customer services who weren't really that helpful, you would think that because they have sold me a faulty item, they could have one delivered to the store waiting for me to exchange? But no, i can get it delivered to the store but only if i pay for it upfront online - great -so I'm going to have fork out another £199. Lets hope the new one is perfect. I do love it though, my mum said i should have gone with one without the crystals in case they fall out again, but i do love a little bit of bling. 

Now I've found Michael i think i could be faithful to him for life as i also love this white chronograph too, definitely on a wish-list to buy.

This is like a matte off-white and would look really good with a tan, i think it also came in different colours like lilac so very fashionable for now.

Anyway like i said before, now i've got the expensive gold watch i was going to get a cheap plastic watch for casual wear and i have found the best Chanel J12 lookalike at Argos!

The Sekonda on the left in white versus the Chanel J12 in white!

And again in black, Sekonda on the left and Chanel J12 on the right - amazing!

At only £19.99 i'm going to get both colours.

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