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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Don’t you just love a freebie?!

Today i set my alarm for 7.30am in preparation for snagging a freebie! When i say a freebie it’s kind of one of those offers where you have to buy something to get a freebie, but if you’re planning on flexing the plastic anyway it’s a win-win situation. 

The item in question is Pandora jewellery – now unless you’ve been living on another planet recently, you can’t have escaped the phenomenon of their charm bracelets. I first fell in love after seeing them advertised in Grazia a few years back, they were quite exclusive and not readily available.  Now it seems as they’ve gained more publicity, everyone has jumped on the bandwagon and you can’t walk through my local town without a girl wearing one, forget Girl With the Pearl Earring, how about Girl With a Pandora Charm Bracelet?

My local family-owned jewellers Pearces were running the promotion – Spend £75 or more on Pandora jewellery and receive a free leather bracelet, now i know this has been running all over the country and i imagine has been very profitable! I’ve had my silver snake chain for over a year and have mostly silver charms but i was looking for some coloured beads inspired my newly painted nails!  After queuing for about 30 mins i purchased 2 charms, a pink Murano glass £28 and a Pink Opal £50 and picked a white single braided leather bracelet worth £35 for free!

Have a look at the goodies:


Along with my purchases and free bracelet, came some chocolates, polishing cloth to keep my silver super-shiny and brochure of Pandora’s full range of jewellery, ready for me to eye up my next buy.


Polishing cloth – missed off man pic.


Free leather bracelet!


Two new charms!


What my silver Pandora bracelet looks like with the new charms.

And need to show you my inspiration for the pink charms – my newly painted Revlon Pink Nude nails with Leighton Denny’s Angel Dust over the top for a sparkly finish.



With flash so you can see the glittery finish – best i could do with the camera after about 10 attempts!

Just to mention as my laptop has been slowly dying on me, not to mention the cracked screen after i stood on it oops – note to self don’t put laptops on the floor beside my bed, i bought a netbook from Curry’s. The one i got is advertised on TV, Packard Bell Dot something in the Bank Holiday sale until wed was £329.00 now £199.00 – complete bargain. It comes with a pouch to keep it safe and software including Photoshop so i can make my pics look better – (no cheating on beauty pics though!), Windows Home XP, webcam and a wonderful invention Windows Live Writer. A program that lets you upload your blog posts live to you blog – genius.




And it’s so dinky it can fit in your handbag – have a look compared to Glamour mag – now i just need to find a new handbag worthy of my netbook , get me I'm officially a proper blogger hehe! Soon to be found on my day off in Cafe Nero with a fruity frappe and a chocolate croissant (what calories?) – oh i do miss Starbucks please open in my town!


Well that’s about it for today, before i go a quick shout-out to my new hair – hardly new really but finally got my fringe cut so i can see again – also working the No7 Plum Rebel i got the other day with a bit of eyeliner (cheap & cheerful Collection 2000) and Clarins Eye shadow Colour Quartet Palette in Earth over the lid. Not gone into too much detail as you can’t really see the make-up – sorry, i will try harder in future!

What bargains have you got recently? Please share!



  1. Pandora! Very pretty. As you may know I love a good bargain ^_^ xoxo

  2. Freebies galore. I love Pandora - pretty purchases!
    Love the blog, keep up the fab work xxxx

  3. Thanks guys - if only i could afford the gold bracelet and charms maybe one day! xx


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