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Friday, 6 August 2010

Latest haul

I love shopping but hate the waiting involved with online ordering - my Asos order arrived after i chose the free delivery option, UK Super Save, which means you have to wait up to 6 days, and on the 6 day it was delivered and i am not in love.

The French Connection dress I've had my eye on since the start of the season has not lived up to my very high expectations. Usually with French Connection you can expect the quality of the items to be quite good but this black and white stripe dress looks a bit cheap and I'm sure i got a waft of smoke when i opened the packet. I thought it could have been the plastic smell from the packaging but on second sniff and close inspection of the packet, i reckon someone has already worn this dress and returned it but still with the label on.

On the size 8 model it looks great, but i didn't realise that it is a lot shorter and tighter than anticipated and the fabric which is 68% viscose looks like it would get bobbly after a couple of wears.

I've not posted a pic of it on as I'm sporting a cold sore and definitely not looking my best. I've only tried it on once so i might give it another chance and dress it up how i would wear it and see if it looks any better and decide whether to return for an exchange but i reckon it's going to be a refund. Here's a thought if i return the dress i can use the money to buy the two Sekonda watches - happy days.

Have you ever ordered something online - only to be disappointed when it arrives?

My second purchase was a lace waistcoat from Dorothy Perkins - £20

I thinks it's got a bit of a festival vibe to it and i wore mine out yesterday for dinner with the girls with my black maxi and brown waist belt. Worn layered over pretty much anything it would look fab, even with your favourite bikini on the beach. It's very Kate Moss and the lace gives it that vintage look - i could imagine it on Nicole Ritchie, accessorised with her House of Harlow range, long wavy hair with halo braid - very ethereal.

Well my beautiful French Connection birthday shoes arrived and they are lovely. At first i nearly cried because i couldn't fit my feet into them, i blame a full day's work in 4 inch heels, but this morning i tried and with a little pushing they fit. Because of the platform and the stiletto heel, i could be in danger of falling over in these, so definitely a taxi and sober only shoe.

In the beauty blogging world it's not all Mac, the drugstore products are just as good and never underestimate Avon, if it's good enough for Reese Witherspoon it's good enough for me - i do love a celebrity endorsement.

I got two nail polish colours, Peppermint Leaf and Luxe Lavender. I've been after a lilac colour for ages and i was very impressed.

I did three coats to get an even coverage, but two would give you that opaque look. I've already had plenty of compliments and it's a great summer colour.

The peppermint green looks quite similar to the Jade Beauty UK polish i bought a few weeks ago, I've not had a chance to compare on the nails so i will show you, i was hoping it would be more of a mint green, but that's what happens when you buy from a brochure.

Like or dislike?

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