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Friday, 10 June 2011

Jump for my love

A few weeks ago the lovely llymlrs tweeted two H&M codes which gave you £15 off your order so i hotfooted over to their website (which they really need to improve) and picked up a pair of printed trousers which you will see later and this leopard print jumpsuit. I paid about £6 for both and £3 of that was postage – bargain.


This is my first jumpsuit and i was a bit dubious over whether to keep it just because it has that harem style going on which can look a bit dodgy,  but I’ve decided i can get away with it by pulling the trouser part higher so they’re more high-waisted. The jumpsuit is quite casual but to dress it up a little i would add some high heels and a black blazer. The obvious problem with jumpsuits is the toilet issue, i won’t say anymore than that but you know what i mean! I can overlook that though because they’re so comfy and when i get bored with wearing it for day it can double up as my winter pyjamas – toastie!

In other news, my friend has just trained in Minx nails  and work are introducing Shellac nails so I'm very excited to try them soon, but for now I’ve been experimenting with polka dots and matte nails. 


Top tip – Use a kirby grip/bobby pin to make the polka dots.


Top tip – Don’t fork out for matte nail polishes, buy No.7’s matte top coat and it’ll transform all your favourite colours.

Anyone got any good and inexpensive nail art tips?

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