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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Guess who's back?

I'm really sorry guys that i've been a bit slack on the posting front but i've been making some pretty life-changing decisons! In my absence i hope you've been showing some love to other blogs - i'm addicted now, every time i'm online i can't resist a sneeky peek at other bloggers and catching up on their latest buys - me thinks this is why i've been neglecting my own! I've even gained a new follower - whoop whoop to lenka.komrskova! Maybe i should go away more often - might increase my following! Nah.

Just before i give you a quick rundown on my recent purchases, i wanted to tell you about a great magazine offer i picked up on my weekly Tesco shop (on a Saturday, i must be mad!), Marie Claire is giving away a free Ciate Nail Polish worth £9. You can choose from Dangerous Affair 013 - a deep raspberry or a bright red/orange, not sure on the name of that one as i got the first colour. I've yet to try Ciate polishes so hopefully the quality will be just a good as my fav Nails Inc, and i'll invest in some other colours courtsey of the 15% discount they're offering online with the polish (find the code on back of the nail polish bottle).The magazine is £3.50 so you might as well get both colours if you can - very on-trend colours for a/w. 

I've recently been embracing what my mama gave to me and going au naturale. Some may say i am lucky to have curly hair but throughout childhood all i ever wanted was poker straight hair, you always want what you can't have, eh! My nickname used to be candy floss - can you guess why? Oh yes, my hair was just like it, a big frizz ball - i don't think i was aware of the cardinal sin with curly hair - brushing it! Well i did discover GHD's and they say the rest is history. Now as i'm in desperate need of a cut but i'm really trying to get past the flicky out stage, i've been leaving my hair to dry naturally and just applying a little serum to define and tame the curls.

What do you think?

You'll have to excuse the curl at the front! Don't worry i pinned that back when i went out.

I'm now obsessed with hair accessories and have been trying to hunt down some cool one's - i found this gold heart hairband in Dorothy Perkins for around £7.00. It will even double up as a necklace!

My delivery of the sideways cross arrived as well! I first saw this on Lollipop26's blog and i've been lusting after ever since, she mentioned where she got her's from Etsy btw and i indulged. To be honest i thought the quality would be better but it is 14k gold filled and looks v.dainty and pretty on - my mum thinks it some sort of anti-christ thing! It's fashion darling! I paid around £30 including shipping from America.

I also picked up a heart charm necklace from Topshop that is v.cute and will go with my hairband when i'm feeling a bit girly.

Bargain - £4

As you can see i'm starting to fall in love with charm necklaces and will be wearing mine altogether for that vintage vibe.

I've also been changing my make-up look recently - channeling that 40's look and working my inner vamp with a little red. I painted my nails in Nails Inc Victoria & Albert and i've been sporting red and plum pouts.

I know i've not gone the full make-up look - i thought the lips and the nails were enough for a daytime look but i quite like the pared-down make-up look - less is more as they say!

Now i've blogged about Avon make-up before, but i just wanted to show you how much i like their eyeshadow palettes. I've three so far, Purple Haze, Smokey Eyes and Tiger's Eye (i think they're the names). I am a real palette lover, they're great for work or on-the-go and saves carrying so much make-up around. 

The Tiger's Eye is a great dupe for Chantecaille’s Limited Edition Tiger In The Wild Palette which costs £73 , Avon's palette was only £3.50 in the sale. Bonus.



Chantecialle's palette may have a hefty price-tag but a proportion will be given to a save the tiger charity so it's all good! Both palette's are Limited Edition so grab them while you can.

Just a last mention that i've ordered Urban Decay's Naked palette, i know i'm a bit late on the bandwagon but it was sold out everywhere, now it's back in stock on Boots and Debenhams online so i am awaiting delivery as i type.


  1. hello!) I was gonna write you yesterday that I love your blog, but the internet stopped working. So after reading your today´s post, I am even happier to tell you I love it))

    I randomly found it when I was looking for dolce miss sicily bags to write a post about, I couldn´t ignore the love no more))

    I guess we will have the same taste more often)

  2. Thank you! Glad you enjoy it and i too am very much lusting after a leopard print D&G sicily bag - if only eh?!


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