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Monday, 4 July 2011

Amour for accessories

You will have to bear with me as I'm using the iPhone for blogging until my laptop returns (fixed I hope) and I'm not sure if it'll work but here goes...

I finally decided to part with some cash on a Ted Baker purse. Now I've been lusting after one for years but could never decide which colour to pick and at £65 i wanted it to be something i loved in a few years time. Purple is usually a favourite of mine but i wasn't feeling the Ted Baker lilac-y shade. I wanted something bright that would instantly cheer me up and would go with most of my handbags already. I spotted the orange colour on the website and was very tempted to buy especially when a discount offer appeared in my inbox but i held off until i visited my nearest John Lewis. I reckon the shop assistants must have thought i was stealing it after umming and aahing for 30 minutes - oh yes indecisiveness is one of my traits.

Here it is alongside two new purchases...

There are variations of this purse on the website (patent/glitter/mock-crock etc) but the one i bought is called Anitah.

The other items in question are a Hermes-esque bag from Miss Selfridge's Purist collection £39 and a straw trilby from Peacocks £7. The bag, I've been a little unsure over only because I'm hoping it doesn't look like one of the cheap bags off those stalls in the middle of shopping centres (you know the ones with the fake Chloe Paddington's), but I really needed a new bag for work that's deep enough to fit everything in Mary Poppins style-e.

The hat i saw somewhere before but can't remember, I'd been after a panama type hat which i was going to buy off the market but i kind of remember seeing this Peacocks hat and i managed to get the last one in the shop. I was going to wear it only when my hair's curly but i took a quick iphone pic and it does a good job of hiding my bed-hair.

I hope it suits me, hats don't usually, what do you think?

A quick note: i may be absent from blogging for about 2 weeks until my laptop returns but i will try and post if i can get access to Internet.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet hat!

    Helen, X


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